Add a Domain Right for the new Work Request allowing us to pilot and roll out in waves

Mike Lewis 5 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 5 months ago 1

Wells Fargo would like to pilot the new Work Request with a small group of users and then roll it out to the rest of our population in waves.

We took this approach with New Navigation and it had a large impact on user experience/adoption as we were able to find a few defects with a small group of users + gather feedback that helped us develop our training materials.

This would have been a nice feature to have earlier because we had a scrolling issue with our Job Starter Activity forms (CS0024244 & CS0024804) that by turning on Work Requests fixed these issues.  We had to rollout Work Requests along with New Nav because of this.  I would always prefer NOT having the all or nothing approach.