Retain "ALL" Reviewer comments even when a new version is uploaded to address the comments

Christine Mellick 11 months ago in Productivity Management 0

Per CS0025733, we have been told that when a new version is uploaded to a task, previous Reviewer Comments are not retained. Only Reviewer Comments from single versions made throughout are retained until a new version is uploaded, then the Reviewer Comments start anew.  This is not how our reviewers would like to see this work.  They need the ability/insight to see all previous Review Comments throughout the Activity.

Aprimo Customer Support comments to ticket CS0025733:  "We would not retain the review comments from the first version once it's been replaced by the 2nd. We assume that the comments in Version 2 are now the comments that are important since Version 1's comments should have already been addressed.  This is Functioning as Designed."