Expanded search in Adobe and Sitecore connector

Troels Christensen 11 months ago updated by petra.tant 11 months ago 1


We have a request for some changes to the Adobe CC and Sitecore connector.We would like to be able to search using facets. I have tried to illustrate this with the screenshots below.

This is how we can search at the moment. Using classifications and nothing else:


This is how we need to be able to search using the facets we have configured in our system:

This is a critical need for us, because without this search it is very hard for our users to find the correct assets and do their work in a efficient manner. They are browsing through hundreds or thousands of images to find the one they need for their work.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Creative Cloud Search

We currently have no short term plans to add faceting to these connectors. An alternative for facet-rich connectivity with the DAM could be the Aprimo Content selector we are working on, which is a SDK to use in integrations specifically targeted to asset selection, following the UX and faceting possibilities of the new DAM UI.