Can we provide Cache Control like we had on-prem?

Diana Fournier 11 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 9 months ago 5

We would like the ability to force a cache refresh so configuration changes take effect immediately.  Depending on the type of configuration changes we make we see that it takes hours to days for the changes to reflect in our system.

On-prem we are able to force a refresh from the UI.  Is this considered for SaaS?


We have made changes to our caching mechanism lately. I will close this voice ticket as a general request. If issues still occur, please log them through SNOW.

Hi Diane, can you provide a bit more info of when cache refresh takes hours or days (specific setting or changes)?

Hi Gerda,

It's really more hours than days.  I believe the delay was mostly when we were changing system parameters, field definitions, ADAM system settings, etc.  This was a couple of months ago so I don't remember many specific examples.  We just accepted it and moved on with our configuration (which is now done).