DAM - List view for records

Monty Hood 3 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Laura Fu 1 week ago 3

As a user of Aprimo DAM, I want to be able to view records as a list, so that I can quickly view high level information about the record.

There are currently two ways to view records in Aprimo: Preview and Mosaic.


Preview blocks display thumbnail of the asset and a summary of the Record.

Mosaic shows only thumbnails, titles, and file type.

We need a List view. It would be a hybrid of the Preview and Mosaic views. Records and some basic metadata for that would be displayed in single rows (similar to a spreadsheet). They would not have a thumbnail, and would fit on a single single line. The metadata to show would be customizable.


We have a power user here who just asked for this. This would be a great enhancement!

Yes! This would be extremely helpful for librarians cleaning up metadata and organizing assets.