Chatboard - Can all chat comments be clearly visible in task inbox to view on your assigned task

Meena Mistry 11 months ago in Productivity Management updated 10 months ago 3

To expand on this one, and please correct me if I stray too much from the original intention as this may be similar to others that have come in at the same time.

This constitutes the ability to view chat comments on an assigned task without having access right - Edit etc.  So in essence allowing view access to chat boards without the accompanying elevated rights requirement on its parent Activity/Project.

Are there any cases where you would want only selected chat messages rather than all?

Thank you Daniel for your reply. Basically the user would like to be able to send a message on chat board direct to the user that sent the task without having to tag them in every time. Be great if the Tag icon can be clearer by advising users  'who would you like to send message to. If a user is not tagged in can a message be viewed ?