Ability to show the "Browse" tree structure from the home page UI.

christopher.fredrickson 11 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 11 months ago 5

Rather than clocking on the browse button, can the tree structure also display on the home page?


In the new DAM UI we try to guide people to content based on metadata. The main navigation is based on spaces which are visual entry blocks pulling people into subsets of content and to start filtering from there. Spaces will be available on content groups like collections (static or dynamic) which on their turn can be powered based on metadata, including classification structures.

So the strategy of the new UI is to surface classifications as metadata, as an end user typically isn't familiar with 'classifications' or 'taxonomy'.

There will be use cases where it will make sense to surface parts of the taxonomy to the user to support filtering, but we wouldn't expect to surface a full tree. What we will be exposing will be driven by classification list fields. 

Hi Gerda - thanks for the the update.  Is this because you re moving users to the new UI?  What will be the primary navigation?

Thanks for the request, but our future direction is to move away from exposing the classification tree as the primary navigation.