Ability to send email to all members of a group in a Rule Action

Joris Wynendaele [Aprimo] 11 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Greg 8 months ago 15

As an administrator I would like to be able to configure a "Send e-mail"-RuleAction to send an email to all members of a usergroup. Currently this action uses References to configure this and there is no reference to load all email addresses of all users of a particular user group.

Rules / Actions Notifications

While looking into this, I tried creating a Text field listing the login ids of the users I wanted in the distribution list.  The ForEach reference I listed below will return the emails of the users in your text list in the format:  email@domain ; email@domain ; email@domain... 

<ref:record fieldName="ProductTeamTest" out="value" store="@productTeamTest" />

<ref:foreach in="@productTeamTest" storeitem="@productTeamTest" join=";">

   <ref:user name="@productTeamTest" out="email"/>


When applied to a rule, I'm getting the email job to succeed, but unfortunately, no emails are coming through.  I opened a case about this, but I'm curious if this works anyone else.  It may be an issue with our environment rather than Aprimo itself.  If any of you try this please let me know how it goes. 

Sandboxes are generally not configured to send out emails.

That sure does explain a lot.  I actually have an open case on this - CS0027401 - so I will provide that feedback as well for the thread.  Is there a way to enable Sandbox to send email?  I'd like the opportunity to further test these group configurations built through References.  They work pretty well, but small mistakes can cause issues.  Just this morning I actually got spammed with emails from prod due to an update to the configuration tests I am running.  The field I use to set a notification status to prevent an email loop no longer matched the catch criteria. Most of a DAM's integrity comes from trust.  Mistakenly spamming people with emails is a good way to hurt that trust, so it would be great to test further in a non-production environment.

Hi Greg, 

Normally you can find all the emails by going to Marketing Productivity https://YOURENV.aprimo.com/MarketingOps/#/my-aprimo > Administration > System Tools > Notification Management. The emails should all be in status 'Ready to Send'.

Hi Ida,

I came across the notification Management section while troubleshooting this originally, but as far as I can tell none of my expiration notification emails are logged there.  I set the subject with specific messages, but never got results if I set the list to filter subject to match it or contain key words.

When I reviewed with my customer success team, they suggested the same actions.  Unfortunately, we could not find a root cause or the logged emails while on a screen share for our status call either.  Is there a full feature or other functionality that has to be enabled?

Reading the information in the ticket you mentioned, this was registered as a known issue. When that issue is resolved you should see all the emails in the Notification Management section even if the system is not actually sending out these emails.

Interesting.  I hadn't been certain what the known issue was specifically addressing.  If they are addressing the fact that the Rule emails are not being logged in the notification management tool, will that allow me to enable them to send automatically?  I have not interacted with the log much past my troubleshooting, so I just want to be sure I can set the emails to send automatically like they do in production.

Hi Ethan,

After additional review I have confirmed that the solution I posted yesterday does work for sending email notifications for lists of users.  I hope it helps your use cases.

Very useful for our team as well.

Hi Christopher,

After additional review I have confirmed that the solution I posted yesterday does work for sending email notifications for lists of users. I hope it helps your use cases.


We consider this as a valid request, let's see if more people vote for this.

This feature would be incredibly useful for me. I have been receiving a lot of requests lately to be able to send notifications to users when new assets are added to the DAM. It would be great to be able to indicate a user group to send these notifications too so that we can limit who gets the emails. Some users should not receive at all based on their roles and other users might not want to receive any notifications.