Ability to send email to all members of a group in a Rule Action

Joris Wynendaele [Aprimo] 3 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by ethan.kearns 1 month ago 6

As an administrator I would like to be able to configure a "Send e-mail"-RuleAction to send an email to all members of a usergroup. Currently this action uses References to configure this and there is no reference to load all email addresses of all users of a particular user group.

Rules / Actions Notifications

Very useful for our team as well.


We consider this as a valid request, let's see if more people vote for this.

This feature would be incredibly useful for me. I have been receiving a lot of requests lately to be able to send notifications to users when new assets are added to the DAM. It would be great to be able to indicate a user group to send these notifications too so that we can limit who gets the emails. Some users should not receive at all based on their roles and other users might not want to receive any notifications.