DAM - date and date time fields defaults

Elaine Smith 11 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Graham C Hilliard 10 months ago 4

We want to be able to leave date fields blank in some instances and in others use rules to set a date but currently we have to use complex references to create default values instead.  These don't cover all situations and cause issues when the reference is working with a blank field (we create new records with a blank date as it then goes to someone else to review and assign the date).  Allowing rules to set date values (including leaving the value blan/changing to blank) would mean that the fields only need to be set when specific actions are triggered rather than every time the record is saved.

Content Types / Metadata Fields / Attributes Rules / Actions

This is also a problem for SOS Children's Village


Not sure we'll get to this any time soon, therefore shelved for now.

Agreed, this has been an issue for us at M&G Prudential also. Glad you've raised this Elaine, THanks