Allow users to respond to Chat Board post without needing Activity Edit

Alyssa T. 11 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Daniel Clarke 2 months ago 14

Users with projected tasks are able to be tagged in Project Chat Board posts but unable to add a reply without having the Activity Edit domain right.

We would like the ability for users to reply to Posts in which they were tagged - while keeping them at only Activity View domain. We have the Agile Board FF enabled which gives users increased visibility into their projects. If we had to give those same users Activity Edit - we risk opening the door to allowing them to edit activity details.


Please look out for this in Version: 123.

Hi Jonathan,

So I understand the concerns and can give you a heads up on a set of changes that will be making its way into the product very soon.

Going forward you will be able to tag any user (full or contributor) within a chat message using the type ahead, and that person will be added into a new list of "Additional Chat Users" upon posting the message for a given Activity/Project/Proposal.  Now this subset of users will no longer have to be given elevated rights to view/respond to the chat, thereby keeping the access to chat separate from the normal domain rights/access list combination.  

Anyone who has the current combination of rights/roles necessary and are on the access list of Activities for example will still be able to use the chat board normally as they do today.  You can also later give an Additional Chat User access to an Activity, Proposal etc. through domain rights/access lists if you so wish to.

On the relevant objects (Activity, Project, Proposal) you will see a new tab called Chat Access.  On here will also be a route to add/remove users from the Additional Chat Users for a given object should you want more granular control, or to add multiple people without posting a message in chat.

Kind Regards.

Dan (PM).

This is perfect Dan. Thank you for that clarification.

For Cigna, we've got a lot of teams with high interest in the Chat Board but we're not rolling it out due to the same access issues everyone here mentioned. I want to add that we want teams to be able to send a chat message to anyone in the organization without having to provide any access. We'd like chat to operate independently of access to Activities and Projects. We're creating a lot of work collaboration in the tool so the potential to assign a task assignee that is part of the team template is increasing. 

We have a number of items that we are looking at now around chat boards which will include such items as refined/restructured access, increased search capabilities, cosmetic items etc. to facilitate easier collaboration between users.

Whilst there is a new domain right coming for Chatboard, Activation (to allow client system admins to limit or open up the creation of chat boards to users as they so wish without having to worry about a combination of rights and user types), we are also looking at the action of tagging a user being the trigger to assign that user into the Activity View, Access list (so you can garner what the basis of the conversation is), and the additional requirement of Activity, Edit for example being removed from the equation as we are looking at the requirements for all the various chat board interactions being balanced against the need to protect your Activities/Projects etc.

Agreed, there should be a separate right provisioned to users for chatboards apart from existing project and activity related editing capabilities. Anyone who is tagged should be allowed to reply to that chatboard.

This current limitation could restrict us from utilizing chatboards because we don't want to provide that activity edit capability to all users. If only a smaller part of our user base has that domain right, then only those users can use the chatboards to fullest extent while other users without that right can see it, but not use it as chatboard is intended.

To add to this, would it also be possible to do the same at project level chat?  It seems a user needs "Project, Edit" domain right to reply to a chat at the project level as well.  Maybe just a "Chatboard, Access" domain right for users who we would want to allow all chatboard access to without allowing them to edit projects/activities.

I was doing some testing today and my results indicted that the user should not need Activity Edit to comment on the chat board - they should need only Activity View. I don't know if something has changed. Can you test this out on your end Alyssa and see how things look?

We, at Franklin Templeton, don't want Contributor users to have Activity Edit, but they would need to be able to respond to a chat if they were tagged.  if it is achievable through a Chatboard Contributor domain right, that would work.


Hi, just want to flesh out the requirements your are envisioning.  Would you see this as something like a chat board contributor domain right instead of tying into the current elevated edit rights, or would you want them to be always only be able to respond if they are tagged in the thread so in effect its a temporary access situation dependant on the presence of the tag?

I think the functionality should behave that if they are tagged in a post - they should be able to respond, regardless of an additional domain right. 

This makes a lot of sense!