Allow users to respond to Chat Board post without needing Activity Edit

Alyssa T. 3 months ago in Productivity Management updated 3 months ago 5

Users with projected tasks are able to be tagged in Project Chat Board posts but unable to add a reply without having the Activity Edit domain right.

We would like the ability for users to reply to Posts in which they were tagged - while keeping them at only Activity View domain. We have the Agile Board FF enabled which gives users increased visibility into their projects. If we had to give those same users Activity Edit - we risk opening the door to allowing them to edit activity details.

We, at Franklin Templeton, don't want Contributor users to have Activity Edit, but they would need to be able to respond to a chat if they were tagged.  if it is achievable through a Chatboard Contributor domain right, that would work.


Hi, just want to flesh out the requirements your are envisioning.  Would you see this as something like a chat board contributor domain right instead of tying into the current elevated edit rights, or would you want them to be always only be able to respond if they are tagged in the thread so in effect its a temporary access situation dependant on the presence of the tag?

I think the functionality should behave that if they are tagged in a post - they should be able to respond, regardless of an additional domain right. 

This makes a lot of sense!