Ability to configure DAM upload option on a task

Zack Davis 3 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Tom Delanoue 6 days ago 1

For workflows hooked up to DAM, a user is presented with 2 options when attaching a DAM asset to a task: Select from DAM and Upload from local drive.

This should be configurable per task. Meaning, there should be a way to force the task assignee to either upload a new file or select an asset that already exists in DAM.

Use case: A revision workflow is kicked off for an asset that's already in DAM. The task should only present the assignee with the option to select an existing asset. They shouldn't be presented with an option to upload a new file. If they mistakenly do this, there could be manual cleanup work needed - i.e. delete newly created record in DAM, go into activity and manually load DAM asset, possibly restart workflow, etc.

A second use case would be the opposite. When a create workflow is initiated, the upload assignee should forced to upload a new file, with the option to select an existing file unavailable.

This is also needed at Chanel

IT makes sense that you would want to minimise risk by limiting what the user can select.

If I want to re-use an approved asset I do not want to allow a user to upload a new file from the local drive.