Ability to see who closed the already in the agile board

Frederic Malfait 11 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Helene Andersson 1 month ago 3

When a task is assigned to multiple users and the task is set to 'all must close' the workflow will only continue when all assigned users have closed that task. 

However, if there is still 1 user that needs to vote, the request submitter can force this task to close by removing that 1 user from the assignees in the Agileboard. This is working great, the downside is that there currently is no way for that request submitter to see in the Agileboard who closed the task and who didn't.

Hi Frederic, I discussed this with my team this morning and they do not believe there are any technical issues executing this - I am going to reach out to the UX team to get direction on how to indicate some of the users have closed the task and then I will get back to you.  Thank you for your suggestion.

Hi Amelia

Do you have any news regarding this functionality? It would be very useful for a more efficient project management of a review task. 


Frederic,  t think this is a good idea and I will ask my team about how we might support this and I'll update you in this thread.  Thank you.