Support packages containing more than 500 files

Thomas OToole 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 8 months ago 6

Currently there is a hard cap on packages of over 500 files. This is seriously impacting our ability to ingest .indb book packages as the links bag on these can be well over 1,000 in a lot of cases. Could this cap be either removed entirely or moved to something more suitable like 2,000?

Ingestion / Upload

Behavior now supports up to 2000 files. This was released in DAM release 117.

In Progress

It took us a while to decide on this one, but we will increase the cap to 2000.

In Review

We added this limit to control / limit risks on what will be ingested in a single package because of the potential impact on the system. However, we understand your use case here.

Would it be possible to share some sample packages (and your package configuration setting) with us for testing? That way we can verify the impact and look into ways to change the limit.


Thanks for getting back to me! I could indeed - these packages are quite large (over 10GB). Could you give me an email and I can transfer one via Google Drive?

Hi Gerda,

How is the review coming along? Do we have an expected delivery date on this?