Redirect https://_____.dam.aprimo.com/ url to https://______.dam.aprimo.com/assets

Jamie Pearson 11 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 9 months ago 2

When a DAM contributor entered the url https://sprouts.dam.aprimo.com/, she noticed that it directs to https://www.aprimo.com/. If it is at all possible to have this redirect to https://sprouts.dam.aprimo.com/assets, this would be ideal. 

Use case: if one of my coworkers typed in the url but only remembered https://sprouts.dam.aprimo.com vs. https://sprouts.dam.aprimo.com/assets, they would be redirected and this would be a smoother experience. I can see this being a possible scenario for other Aprimo customers. 


This has been done in the meantime.