Show download orders that originate through the REST api in the my downloads section in the new DAM UI.

Frederic Malfait 11 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by maygret.sternberger 6 months ago 3

It is possible to create download orders through the Aprimo DAM REST api. The user that was authorized to the REST api when creating that order is able to see & track these download orders in the My Downloads section in the Asset Studio.

This is great when we need custom code to create a very specific download order and still want the user to experience the out of the box Aprimo behaviour as much as possible. However, this is still not the case in the new DAM UI. Therefor, I believe that also showing these downloads in the new DAM UI and even triggering a notification when the order is ready to be downloaded would give great added value. 

Example of the Asset Studio UI showing the download orders that where started through the REST api: 

Orders / Sharing

We have some custom actions that we would like to enable in the new UI for consumers as well as for contributors (e.g. download from record together with all files from linked records like attachments, license files). As I can see download actions triggered by the new UI are visible in the dam/downloads and /assets/downloads area.
Should be the same for the custom actions.
It would be also good to have the notification on prepared downloads then in the new UI notifications area.


Right now, the new UI only shows orders triggered from the new UI. This was originally meant like this not to confuse the consumers.But now that our new UI is also on-boarding contributors more and more, it makes sense to widen this scope.