Enable user to identify Main File during Package Ingestion

RJ Mendoza 11 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 8 months ago 4


We have this instances wherein the package would have 2, AI file in it, so when we upload it, package detection would error and will not extract the contents. 

Maybe if possible, instead of getting an error, maybe the user can be presented with an option to nominate the main file on the package?

If you have no fixed structure, you cannot treat it as a package anymore so this functionality will not apply. The alternative is working manually, uploading the assets which need to come in different records through myuploads and if necessary link them with relationships together. Additional files you will need to upload to the record directly in Assets. 

Hi Petra, for this topic, BI would like to know if you can advise what expression other customers use when ingesting packages that have no fixed structure?  Many thanks, Kerry


You can identify the main file with a regular expression. You can make that more detailed than just identifying the file type. The package ingestion functionality assumes you will know the structure of the file you are ingesting. Therefore we see the identification of the main file as an automated mechanism and we have no plans to build a UI around that process failing apart from the information which is already available in the catalog log (which will show you why it failed).