Comment Section - New Consumer UI

Rachel 11 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 11 months ago 2

I would like the ability to comment on assets.  

This would be very useful to Asset Librarians.  Often when you have multiple people tagging or organizing assets, knowing if there was a known issue with an asset is important.  It helps facilitate better records of communication about an asset. 

ie. we have full matches, sometimes parts of the match are missing because of a power cut, or some other issue.  Having a comment that this is a valid and known issue is helpful.  It means the next time someone is looking at that asset, we don't go on a goose chase trying to know why the asset is missing parts of the footage.  

I would suggest that this comment section go somewhere at the bottom of the asset, near the "Timeline" or "System information" sections.


Let's see how many votes this will get from the wider customer audience.