Task Inbox - Days Until Due - should follow the work schedule when counting

Liz Guzman 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Diana Fournier 3 weeks ago 8

In the Task Inbox, on the top of the Info Panel, the 'Days Until Due' count shows the amount of Calendar Days until the task is due. Ideally, it should count the days corresponding to the associated Work Schedule.

So, when a task is given a 5 business day duration, the 'Days Until Due' should read 5 days and not 7 days.


Option A makes the most sense, and we're excited to hear it would be the easier one to implement as well (= sooner).  Thank you, Eric, we appreciate it.

We are not in the FinSync Forum, so I can't help with the research item you mentioned.  I did forward your request to our team at EMMsphere, however, so they could reply to you directly if they have additional info.

So I see two option here.

A)  We simply switch the behavior and show work days until due.  I like this because it is less work and removes the need for one more parameter or configuration setting to manage.  My concern is that it will cause confusion for users that are used to how it behaves or maybe work for customers to update training documents, etc.  There could also be customer that actually prefer the way it works today but I am not sure about that.  If no one opposes this change we could use a FF to release it so that customer would have time to warn users, update training before activating it.

B) Another option here would be to make this a choice in the configuration of the Information Panel in the Task Inbox.  Positive here is it is something each customer can chose to configure.  Negative is that will definitely be more work for development and testing so could impact whether we can fit this into roadmap.  It is also one more thing to configure for each customer.

I see that there are many customers who have voted for this that are part of the FinSync Forum.  Maybe one of you could raise this there to see if there in anyone in that group that would want to keep the way it works now?  Also, for EmmSphere team members curious if you know of any clients that would want the way it works now?


Agree this is an issue and I like your suggestion Eric about the label change.  This issue has bubbled up to our VP of Marketing as well, so the visibility for our organization is very high.  Could this be slated for a release soon?


I am honestly surprised by this feedback.  I would expect the opposite.  I am qualifying this as I would like to see more feedback on it.  Does anyone seeing this disagree with this idea?

I think if we did make this change I would also then change the label under the counter to probably say "Work Days Until Due" to clarify it further.

Our users were also confused about if this was work days or just total days until the task was due, so having the X days label honor the work schedule is how we would expect it to work.

Currently we only count business days for our SLA's, the most being 4 so when are reviewers sees the number 5 or more it gets confusing.  Could we set an option to pick how we would like it display meaning calendar or business as I know not all use the same(calendar/business) 

agree,  not sure why we would be using two dates counter.

Completely agree with this - it has caused some confusion with our users.