Ability to share a link to an asset to a non-Aprimo user via the Consumer UI

katie.tierney 11 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 3 months ago 8

For Nord Anglia:

1) Currently, the Contributor / Assets page allows a user to share 2 ways:

a) Type in an email address to share a link to an Aprimo user or b) share a link to a non-Aprimo user with a temporary download link

2) Currently, the Consumer / Central page allows a user to share by copying a link to share with an Aprimo user

The ideal functionality would be copying a link in the Consumer UI that can be accessed by a non-Aprimo user.

As an example my colleague has asked me for the link of the brand guidelines for an agency he is working with. So I want to share the link with him, for him to pass over easily. It would be much easier if I can simply send the link in an email myself, using a Share feature to copy the link to my clipboard.   Adding to this, a  DAM Admin could mark certain classifications as Public if we wanted to police which assets could be viewed externally.

If security is an issue, then at least replicate both sharing options for a Contributor for the Consumer and add the ability to send a download link to a non-Aprimo user.   


Security Orders / Sharing

Thanks Petra.  I was just inquiring if there were any plans to add this download link in the Share menu as an additional URL to grab in addition to the URL for Aprimo users?  This would just save time if you wanted to send your own email vs sending the Aprimo one.  Specifically, sending the email to yourself with the download link,  copying the link generated in the received email, and then typing up your own message and pasting the link in.  Thanks!

No, we will not be able to do that because download links are only temporarily available for security reasons. Our e-mail download link does allow you to send your own message body.


We have brought back the possibility to e-mail a download link to someone on the new UI. This was released for single elements in release 130 (last release of April). As soon as we release configurable basket actions to the full, this will be available on the basket as well.

Question: if you send a link to an unauthenticated user, which downloads could the user get to: high res, low res, other?

Nord Anglia mostly would use this feature to send files to their agencies, so the download link should be the high resolution rendition.  Thanks.


The ability to send a download link by e-mail to a non-authenticated user is on the near term roadmap for the consumer experience. Sharing with unauthenticated users, leading them back to the application or to example a collection of assets is under consideration at the moment. I'm seeing this as a highly requested use case, but indeed, the security around all of this is not so easy to solve. I will put this on qualified, but I cannot confirm that we have it on the roadmap right now. I will update this post when that happens.

This would be so helpful.  I am CONSTANTLY being asked to have the DAM host more public content and because there is no way to do so, I have to send many potential collaborators towards other systems.