Show all watermarks on dropdown

Zack Davis 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 3

When attempting to manually apply a watermark to a record, a user must search by the watermark's name in order to select it from the drop down menu (screenshot below). The request here is for the application to show all possible watermarks by default in the drop down menu. The client understands users can type in a single asterisk and view all watermarks, however, the experience would be optimal if all watermarks would show by default, as if "*" was already entered into the search. Often times most users do not know the name of each individual watermark in the system, therefore, making it difficult to find the desired watermark. 

UX Watermarking

This behavior is typically for the legacy Assets UI, this was related to performance constraints. In the new UI these lists - when applicable - behave differently. We have no plans to change the behavior on the legacy UI.

This request also applies to Collections.