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Role assignment - From work request form

bart.theys 12 months ago in Productivity Management updated 4 months ago 5


The ability to assign workflow roles dynamically (from task inbox, as contributor user), has greatly improved flexibility and user friendliness of our workflows. We see however today, that many of our workflow start from a work request, and have an initial task routed back to the requestor to setup some of the project specific roles (e.g. who will be the photographer? Who will do the translation?...). In these cases, the initiator is best suited to decide on this.

Enhancement request
: allow the requester to already set certain activity roles in a panel during work request creation. These roles (and user assignments) are then applied to created activity.

Basically, I would not expect the behavior to be much different than what you normally do in the roles tab on an activity. Once the activity gets created, you would already have some roles assignments set by the initiator during work request. Any further action to add individuals to roles, either manually by a full user on the activity roles tab, either by a business rule applying a team, could append additional people to that role. 

On your second question - it would be logical to have the same level of choices available. Although, I think that for work requests, it would even bring more value if users drop down could be pre-filtered based on extended attributes selections already made in the form (e.g. country, brand, division,...).

In Review

If we did something like this how would you expect it to work with Business Rules?  If the user picks a role on the request form but then when business rules are run they apply a project template and a team and in that team there is a also a user assigned to the same role that the requester picked should both users be put on the role?  Should the requester role be kept and the business rule ignored?

Ideally you would not be configuring the system to have conflicts like this but we would have to design for the use case.

Also, would the same level of choices of who to display in drop that we allow on Tasks work for the request forms too?  All users, just users with the role, users with the role or in a group with the role.

Behalf of Citi, Yes we want to implement this.

As of now, a particular user submits a work request and then we are assigning first task to the same user. In order to update the Activity Roles tab.

This would greatly improve the usability of workflows implementing dynamic role assignment. We'd like to be using dynamic role assignment in our workflows to a greater extent but the fact that the user can't assign roles from the work request form and that  we can't make role assignment in task dynamic based on an EA  (https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1744-allow-in-task-role-assignment-to-be-dynamically-required-based-on-ea-input) discourages us from using it. 

If implemented right, this could be helpful