Ability to add informational content to various areas of DAM

laura.patterson 12 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 6 months ago 3

My thought is about allowing ability for administrators to create informational content, possibly by way of HMTL widgets, to pages within DAM. Example, user clicks into a space and admin can add a message across the top of the page describing the content of the space, any notes on restrictions etc. I feel the site lacks in the way of being able to communicate to users throughout the various areas (spaces, collections, saved views etc).

UX Content Grouping

The Collections contain a description field. This has been released in the meantime.

In Progress

Spaces for Assets do have the ability to add a description, so do the spaces for new UI.

Collections will have it in the new UI in the future. (Saved views are becoming dynamic collection in the new UI, so they will also have a description).

I'll tag it as 'in Progress' for the collection work we are working on right now.