Role Assignment Limit by User Group

Mike Lewis 12 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 6 months ago 11

We (Wells Fargo) are very excited to begin using the new feature that allows users to assign a project role in their task. Current state we have 2 options:

1.)  Limit By Role

  • Pros: Provide targeted list of users to select from
  • Con: Users can only be assigned to 1 Role

2.)  All Users

  • Pros: Does not require any configuration
  • Cons: Users experience 5-8 second response times when searching for users, higher risk of choosing the wrong person

Enhancement Request: Allow Admins to configure Role Assignment by User Group. This will give us the flexibility we need to configure this feature and users will not experience the 5-8 second response time when trying to assign a user to a role.

Below outlines the functionality users will see in release 116.


  1. In the Values displayed drop down when "Limit by Role" is selected a new check box will appear in the Values displayed column. Called "Include group role".
  2. The default of this check box will be checked. The checked state ensures users will see no change in functionality from what is currently there.
  3. If the new 'Include group role' check box remains checked, the users available for selection in inbox will be:
    1. Users who are assigned the role through the user record
    2. Users who are part of a group that are assigned the role through the group record
    3. If a user is assigned the role through the user record and the group record the user will only be listed once - not twice
  4. If the new 'Include group role' check box is unchecked, the users available for selection in inbox will be:
    1. The drop down will show only users who are assigned the role through the user record

Awesome, thanks Rachel!

The second piece outlined below is targeted for PM release 116.

Hey Eric, wanted to see if you had any information as to the status of this?

Hi Eric - Is there any update on a more specific timeline for this one? 

In Progress

Switching the status to In Progress since the development work is under way now.

Update on the first change I outlined below (improving load time of the drop downs): We are hoping to have this in PM release 113.

We are going to start making some changes regarding this functionality. We will start the end of January 2020, and hope to have these rolling out sometime in February.

First change:

  1. We're going to make a change to the load time of the drop downs. This will especially help with the All Users option. We'll load a certain amount of users at a time (looking at 50 right now), but more users will load as you scroll. From the UI standpoint regarding how the drop down works you shouldn't see much of a difference, but you will notice faster load times.
  2. This change will be available for everyone automatically when it rolls out.

Second change:

  1. Right now, you can assign a role to a group in addition to a user. We currently only use the role assigned to the user for the role assignment panel in inbox.
  2. The change we make will be that when you assign a role to a group we're also going to pull in all users assigned to that group (as well as the users that hold that role via the role assignment on the user record). So for example:
    1. Sally is assigned the creative role through her user record
    2. Tom, John, and Fred belong to the Creative user group. The Creative user group is assigned the Creative role via the group.
    3. Previously the drop down in inbox would have only shown Sally.
    4. After this change, the drop down will show Fred, John, Sally, and Tom available for selection.
  3. We will be making this change in a way that you would need to go to the workflow template designer and select a new option on the setup page called "Include group role". That way we will not automatically opt you in to the new functionality if you would prefer not use it this way.

Yes, also at delaware, we get the request over and over again from our clients to set conditions on who can be selected for specific activity/project roles (Most important for the mentioned new feature in the task inbox, but we had similar requests in the past for the old roles assignment tab too). 
Cfr. my comment in the discussion https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1075-ability-to-assign-workflow-roles-dynamically-from-task-inbox#comment-2282

In summary, the enhancement request of Mike to limit per user group instead of user role would already be great improvement. But even more useful would be to extend this, so the admin can configure a more generic rule-based filter to limit what users can be selected in the task inbox role assignment panel. This filter can then be evaluated dynamically against values of extended attributes on the running project:
e.g. Role is limited to users with condition [Usergroup=Agency Users and Country=<value of EA_Country in this project>]