DAM package download compression

Jake Vandevyvere 12 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated 12 months ago 3

When a ZIP package is uploaded with the package ingestion functionality, it is possible to unzip the assets contained within and upload them separately into the DAM. Afterwards, you can rebuild the package by using the package download functionality. Would it be possible to add compression to this in order to reduce the physical size of the download file?

Orders / Sharing

This would be most useful when rebuilding a package that was uploaded and unpacked by means of the package ingestion functionality. This means that it would apply to packages downloaded with the Adam.Web.Extensions.Providers.Actions.DownloadPackage action. To end users, it may be confusing if they upload a ZIP package of 600MB, and it has a size of 900MB when they download it again.


We removed compression because it had a negative impact on the time to deliver an order and we didn't see many files any more which were stored uncompressed in DAM.

Can you provide some more information on which files you would see the main impact in your use case?