Change Project task list link in Inbox to go full Task List or the Task Worksheet

Richard Perks 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Alex Gregorio 2 months ago 4

The new feature introduced in June of adding a link to the Inbox information panel which takes you to a 'Project task list' page would be more useful if it either provided the same functionality of the existing Project task list or the Project Worksheet. 

This would then allow task details to be modified by the user. At present the task list presented is read only and does not allow click through or editing.

I agree the link is somewhat useful as-is but... 

could be much more helpful if it respected current user access rights (so those who CAN modify tasks from the task worksheet do not get forced to this read-only mode);  otherwise this is very confusing to end users who typically have rights.

Also it's a bit strange that it takes you to a mode where it looks like you can select task rows, but then there are no applicable action items/buttons.


Agreed. Our users have also shared that it would be more useful to have the same functionality of the existing project task list as opposed to just a view of the task list. They are unable to click into the individual tasks to get the information they need from the task list that is accessible within the inbox.

if you restrict project edit access/domain right even with this link the user wouldn’t be able to change anything.   I agree the link would be useful.

We, at Franklin would not like to have this option since we do not allow our users to modify the task details.  If this could be admin controlled so we can decide which link we want exposed, that would be great.