Workflow Designer: Remain on current page in view mode after saving task configuration

Andy Eggert 12 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 6 months ago 5
When working within the Workflow Designer in New Navigation, current behavior of the Save button brings a user back to the Workflow Designer, as opposed to refreshing that page to View mode (which was the behavior in Old Navigation).  This behavior is undesirable for two reasons:

1. This adds additional clicks and page loads in order to confirm a change.  When designing workflow steps, it is desirable to have the application refresh into view mode to confirm my configuration changes before moving on to other configuration.
2. The lack of a view mode makes it extremely difficult (if not impossible) to detect null values in pick list configuration.

This behavior of the Workflow Designer is most most notably problematic when configuring on Output Port Status Actions or rules due to the depth of the clickstream (Workflow Designer -> Output Ports -> Specific Port -> Status Actions / Rule) as it requires significant additional clicks to drill back in after a Save is executed.  This is an especially significant nuisance when working in workflow steps with a large number of output ports, or if save is clicked before configuration is completed on a specific page.

In relation to the null values: while null values are rare, it's nearly impossible to detect them without view mode.  When configuration is present and a null value has been created, it is primarily visible in view mode as a blank value.  In edit mode, however, if a null value exists, the pick list merely will show the first value in the pick list.  If the configuration is supposed to be targeting that value in the list, it's impossible to know if the database is storing that value or a null.

This work has been completed and will be available in PM release 115. It will be available if the 'new-workflow-designer-tools-ux' feature flag is enabled.

Since the workflow designer does have the ability to right click and open step/review steps in a new tab, we recommend doing that. On a step in the workflow template designer, you'd click the 3 dot menu, and then find the Status Action link for example, right click that and choose to open in a new tab.Once you save, you will see the view mode of the Status action tab. From there you can either navigate to Details, Page layout, Document layout tab (for example), or you can close the browser tab and go back to the workflow template designer canvas.

Even though we recommend opening in a new tab, it is not necessary to see the View mode. We do feel that the flow is better if you go that route, but you can open in the same tab if you choose to do so.

Hello Andy,

We do have plans to start this work later this month. Once I have more firm details about when this might be done, I'll add them to this request.

Excellent; thank you Rachel!