Allow in task role assignment to be dynamically required based on EA input

Joe Cerep 12 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 11 months ago 1

We currently assign roles through workflow templates. This allows us to utilize parent/child EAs to ensure the users for all necessary roles are selected by a user completing a task. Our main use case:

Our marketing team receives creative from the agency and has the option to send it to multiple review groups simultaneously.

- Send to Legal?

    - If Yes is selected, the use is required to select the Legal reviewer(s) from a picklist

- Send to Brand?

    - If Yes is selected, the use is required to select the Brand reviewer(s) from a picklist etc.

It would be great if the in task role assignment could function the same way, as a child "field" to EAs. If Send to Legal = Yes, the in task role assignment for the Legal role would be required. The current functionality for in task role assignment either require roles that are not needed to be entered or leaves risk that the necessary roles are not filled out if it is set to optional.