status action setting project id

Brad McClure 12 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Richard Perks 11 months ago 3

Several workflow templates are set up to kick off another workflow template.  When this happens we don't have a good way to understand what project initiated another project. We would like to get better tracability of project kickoff.  

A couple of options

 Leverage status actions to set an EA of the parent project initiating the work

Allow user to select linked workflow - similar to change order workflow types

Systematically tie workflows together with a new base feature field that would associate the workflows together. 

Hi Brad,

Currently we have utilised the feature of 'Project fields to Copy' under the Apply Project Template on the status actions to help with this. You can set a new Project EA, i.e.. 'Source Project ID', to the 'Project ID'  via a status action and then have this copied across to the newly started projects within the workflow.

However, if there was a way Aprimo could automatically track these types of association without the above configuration that would certainly be useful. 

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Good idea!  But it still requires the user to copy and paste in the current Project ID. I don't see the Project ID as and available field to copy or set to another EA. Or am I missing it?

Hi Brad, 

You should be able to use a workflow status action to set a Project level EA of type Long Integer to the current Project ID and then pass that  EA through to a new project: