Allow user to select project limited attachments in a task to go to review

Brad McClure 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 2

We have the scenario where we have multiple attachments that are limited by project where the user cannot always version the attachment to flow through a review, so what happens is there are multiple attachments that flow through review.  So there end up being multiple attachments that are sent through review and not appropriate for a review.  

We would like the user to be able to select specific attachments in a task that would flow to the next review vs showing all attachments at the project level so that unnecessary documents don't flow to the reviewers

Brad,  have you tried using show attachments of a certain type versus show from previous step.    We did this to eliminate extra documents from showing when we don’t want them to.

How in a workflow template would you call out a specific document unless you loaded a blank file in as workflow attachments, program workflow task to use that document and then upload new versions in certain task.

yes, basically we want a subset of attachments that the user can select from a task to move forward to a review.  They would have multiple of the same attachment type in a project that are all limited by that project's visibility but only want one or two of them to flow to the next task (review task) to the reviewer isn't looking at all the different attachments.  This is an odd case where versioning isn't appropriate for the most current file.