Ability to add Page Hooks to Work Requests

Alyssa T. 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 4 months ago 4

We would find great value in adding Page Hooks to Work Requests. Display mode would allow us to determine which Work Requests to display the page hook on, similar to Task Inbox.

Our use case would be to direct users to 'How To' templates that we've created internally. I could see benefit it also using it as a way to direct to internal documentation, Activity naming conventions, training materials, etc.


Sorry for not updating this earlier.  It seems to have gotten missed somehow.

This make sense.  We will consider this in our backlog on Work Request/Pagehooks.

To clarify though, I see there is an ask to do this by Work Request Type which are really Activity Types.  Making Pagehooks type specific would be more work than simply adding them in general.

Does it need to be type specific to add any value?  Or if we add it as an option on all Work Requests like it does for Activity would that solve some use cases?

If we make Pagehooks type specific I think we would want to do that as its own work item and maybe separate Voice request and do it for all Pagehooks that make sense.  So Activity, Project and Work Requests allow them to be tied to specific types.


Yes, count us in for this one. A custom form/wizard is a flexible way to enforce specific business rules or allow for selection of valid data from an external database (e.g. based on ERP or CRM data). Rather than having the requestor copy/paste values from an external system into an Aprimo text field, a custom form can directly fill in the selected value as (read only) text on the activity.  

This could enable access to Brand Guidelines or even the Help Desk.

We typically find the same types of requests from our clients. There is always a need to link to a form or instructional document, that would work better as a Pagehook.