Change pagehook matching algorithm in the workflow mover

Jake Vandevyvere 12 months ago in Productivity Management 0

The workflow mover moves pagehooks according to the following scheme:

However, this does not suit the business needs of our customers, as they often use pagehooks with a URL (Page) of the type


Because the environment name if different between different environments (cf. sandbox vs production), the workflow mover tends to just create new pagehooks instead of updating the currently available ones. This is very problematic when moving workflows between environments, because not also do we have to reattach the pagehooks on all tasks, but we also often run into problems because of the limit on the maximum number of pagehooks.

Our suggestion would be to match pagehooks on Title (Display name) and Display mode only. This will ensure that the above scenario is covered. If for some reason, this would disrupt other use cases, then this piece of functionality could be turned on/off by means of a system parameter, off being the default.