Fully Automated Migration (workflow, report and EA Page Layout etc..) from Sandbox to Production environment

Karthik Balakrishnan 6 months ago in System Administration 0

we want to have fully automated migration from Sandbox to Production Environment for below configurations.

  1. Workflow
  2. Report
  3. EA Page layout
  4. Generic Objects
  5. Offer Management

Below are the issues we are facing in Manual or in Workflow migration tool

  1. Yes we have document process migrating configuration and also we are using workflow migration tools also.
    1. We are 5 developers. we may work on the same environment and same workflow for release.
  2. Each person have to note each and every configuration changes, that we are making. Manual errors may happen here.
  3. After this, business will test the workflows and raise defect. Sometime it will be true defects or new change. We need to document this changes also. Manual error may happen here.
  4. There is no well defined process to delete an EA or inactive an EA. Even inactive EAs are coming in workflow Migration tool.
  5. We want to eliminate all these manual errors.
  6. Business testing our workflows and report configurations in Sandbox. With testing signoff we are migrating the workflows and configurations to PROD. Now Business don’t want to believe all UAT Signoff. They want to give another Signoff in PROD before real users facing issues. Because of the EA issue and other issues happening PROD environment on each migration. Also Business feels this will be a double work for them.

Workflow migration tool

This tool not migration all the configuration related to the workflow. example digital asset.

Not migrating huge workflow. Huge means, we a single workflow and many sub workflows are part of that

So we need to cut this workflow into piece then we need to migrate. which will create manual errors

Migrate only EAs, not Page Layouts
We are getting lot of issues, when the workflow have picklist and multiselect EAs. we are keep on raising case on this.