Have the agile board clickable

Robert Colville 12 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Amelia Ross 7 months ago 10

In the agile board, have the agile board task/review task cards clickable and link to the activity details and project worksheet.

Hi, this functionality is now in production and the HELP has been updated to explain how these hyperlinks work as shown below:

Activity, Project, and Task Titles

The titles are hyperlinked to provide easy access to more information. The Activity Title is hyperlinked to the Activity details if you are on the Access list and have the Activity, View domain right (or System Administration, Access). The Project Title is hyperlinked to the Project Task List if you are on the Access list for the Activity and have the Project, Edit domain right (or System Administration, Access). The Task Title is hyperlinked to the Task Inbox if you are an assignee on the Task and the Task has a status of Assigned or In Process.

Yes, that would be great.

Thank you.  I am working on some Agile Board improvements and we will be doing this.  I'll keep you posted here.

Yes, we're looking for a single click to the task list or task worksheet.

Hi Robert, on the modal that opens up for a Task we are discussing hyperlinking the Activity title to open up the Activity details and for the Project title, we are thinking of  hyperlinking it to open up the Task List page instead of the Task Worksheet.  Would this meet your needs? 

Hi Amelia,
You mention the ability to open the task list page. Could you also add an option to open the task in the task inbox (if you are one of the assignees).

Hi Bart, we will first add a link to the task list page and then we will consider a link to Task Inbox.  Let's see if what kind of feedback we get.  Just wanted you to know I have noted your request.