Information panel personalized depending on users

Justine Pontoire 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Joe Cerep 1 year ago 3

It would be really useful if in the task inbox : the information panel would be personalized depending on users (of different activity types for instance).

Today, if we configure this information panel with some informations or documents : all users will see it. But all users aren't working on same activity types or subjects..Their needs are differents. So for now we can't use it in an optimum way...

So if we would be able to personalized it depending on users types, the information panel would be very useful. 

I agree that this would really help to make the Task Inbox more beneficial to our users. It is difficult to configure the information panel for multiple processes/groups needs and we are forced to utilize very general fields currently. If we could personalize the information panel we would be able to highlight key EA's, documents etc. that are more meaningful to each specific group.

Or you could just make it completely personalized like the column headers on list views. 

Really like this idea! Do you think you'd personalize by role the way that you can set DCT's to show different things depending on the role of the user looking at the task.