Adding EAs to EAs

Mike Lewis 1 year ago in System Administration updated by Stephanie Psenicka 11 months ago 1

We (Wells Fargo) are in the process of updating our Data Dictionary. Currently we only track field definition, however we would like to add a multi-select field to associate our fields to one or more business processes. We are also considering a re-certification date and Owner.

Our preference would be to have the ability to enter, edit and delete this metadata in the application – my request is to have the ability to add metadata fields or EAs to all EAs (Activity, Project, Task, Attachment, User, etc.).

This would allow us to keep all data in the application making it easy to provide reporting and reduces the risk of not entering this information as fields are created/edited.

Meta data is an important  data policy for our applications.  This enhancement would allow us to comply with this policy.