Inactive users should not appear in DAM people picker

Luis Wu 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 11 months ago 4

Currently, inactive users can be chosen in DAM people picker. This is quite confusing for the users. Inactive users should not appear as a possible value in DAM people picker.


Hi Luis,

I discussed this with Eric this week to see whether we should treat this as a bug or a feature request. I learned that inactive users do play a role in processes where you need to be able to find tasks or projects of people who left the company in order to reassign them properly or follow them up properly. So it is not so simple as just filtering inactive users from the system. There will be extra logic required in the application to know when inactive users do play a role and when not. Therefore we will consider this a feature request and not a bug. Sorry for the confusion. On the DAM side it looked more straightforward than it actually was. 


Hi Luis, did you log this as a snow ticket already? If so, can you provide the number, and if not, can you log a snow ticket for this.

I think we should treat this as a bug.

Hi Petra, 

I have consulted to Aprimo before opening this voice. Here the response:

Hi Luis

This is “normal” behavior. I confirmed with product that this would actually be a voice request rather than a CS ticket.

Pretty sure this would be a popular one though and I would happily share around my own accounts to help try and get this one moving.

So it is a bug or normal behavior? I am confused now.