Allow date EAs to be configured to disallow dates within specific timeframe

Joe Cerep 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Alyssa T. 10 months ago 3

We would like the ability to restrict certain dates from being selected based on SLAs. I.e. when a new request is submitted, we would the the Requested Completion Date to be forced to be at least 3 weeks in the future based on our SLAs. If the request was being submitted 01/01 we would want 01/01 - 01/21 to be grayed out and the first date available to be selected for that Date EA would be 01/22.

Someone from my org. had previously submitted this request under a different thread. It's been tagged as 'Qualified'. 


Thanks Alyssa - I missed that one initially but I just voted for your request.

Aprimo - this request can be combined or removed as a duplicate.

We would love this functionality as well. We have SLA's in place now that a requestor has to allow for X amount of time. We have built in several tasks to then triage those requests and if the Requestor selected a holiday or something that is in before the SLA turnaround - then we have multiple tasks defined to have that date updated.

We would like to gray out date and allow that configuration to take place and be defined on an EA basis.