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Enable logging of field metadata changes for DAM

RJ Mendoza 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 months ago 14 1 duplicate

To enable logging of field metadata changes for all Assets fields.

Currently this is only possible if we set all fields to "All values are stored". However this captures to much information and may have an impact on performance.

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I would like to provide everyone on this thread an update on this. On voice i've seen two use cases for the asset history or audit trail.

1) To see the history on an asset - what happened to it, possibly to coach people working on DAM. Probably this ask is more related to near term activity such as working as a team during work-in-progress. 

2) Legal audit trail: as Diana commented to above.

We're currently working to try to cover both asks.

Due to the sheer volume of changes made in a DAM these history trails and audit logs turn out to be extremely huge (exponentially bigger than process audit trails) and have large impact on running cost and performance. As we're trying to optimize solution for this, this is quite a lot more work than anticipated.

Hi Petra, please also see attached 

a comment from our Validation Lead with regard to the audit trail in the DAM and how he feels this is currently not compliant.  If you'd like to ask any questions please just let me know and I can connect the two of you.  Thanks!

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The following remark was written for the duplicate attached: 

We are currently working on an audit trail for DAM, through which you will be able to see record changes (changes to metadata or files) on the record itself. So you will be able to navigate to a content item and see the detailed changes if you have the ability (role) to access audit information. We already have a voice request for this: https://adam.userecho.com/communities/42/topics/1708-enable-logging-of-field-metadata-changes-for-dam. So i will treat the current one as a duplicate for this.

Related to the comment of Greg (above), this is more a request for the ability to push change information into a report and potentially combine it with other object type information such as activities, etc. We also have a duplicate voice request for this already https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1960-audit-trail-report-for-records. I will treat the current one as a duplicate.

Because I can only track this request as a duplicate of 1 other request, i will merge it with the one matching the description in the top, hence the request for audit trailing on DAM objects in general and put it in progress as we are working on this.

Hi Petra,

Would it be possible to get a brief demo of this in-progress development effort with our Validation (CSV) Lead to ensure it means the CFR regulation quoted below?


Yes, this would be great. We work with a bigger group of editors and it would be nice to be able to track changes.

I agree with this from an auditing/validation point of view.  We would also like those events exposed through reporting in a consolidated manner so we don't have to run a report for the MRM and a separate method for DAM (asset metadata changes).

One key variable to this ask is how/where this information is tracked between all environments.  For my use case, it would be tied to joint information between PM and DAM as we want to have our full asset lifecycle run between the two environments.  I have been skeptical about submitting this request until now because the two systems still do not communicate, but as I've gotten into more thorough testing I've realized this must begin sooner rather than later if we are going to make an efficient use out of it.

In Progress

Since I have not heard back from you, I can confirm that audit trail for DAM is in progress. Field metadata and file changes will be logged and visible in a dedicated audit trail. If this does not cover your use case, please make a new request with a descriptive use case.

Hi Petra,

I am glad to see this In Progress.  This can open a lot of doors from an auditing and governance perspective!  Would you be able to elaborate on the full scope of this effort?  My use cases would benefit most from the logging of:
What the original Value was
What the New Value is
When the change occurred
Which user, Rule, or other action made the change
The ability to see a complete history of these changes, not just the most recent change.

Are all of these functionalities in progress with this effort?  I can elaborate on my use cases if you'd like.

Is this a request related to having an audit trail, being able to see who has changed what?