Issue email notifications to anyone tagged in a chat board thread every time an additional post is added to that thread

Joe Cerep 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 11 months ago 7

When a user is tagged in a chat board post they receive an email notification. If a response to that post is added to the existing comment/thread, the user is not notified again unless they are tagged in every comment. This means for users to communicate back and forth and be aware of the comments being added, they have to tag each other in every post. Our request is for anyone tagged in a chat board comment to receive an email advising of a new comment being posted to that thread automatically.

If Joe's concept could be configured that would be a nice option.


I have some concerns on this as I agree with Brandon this could create a lot of email "noise" from the system and quickly frustrate users.

We are working on updating Chat to use push technology probably in Q1 2020 so that we could push alerts to the users directly in the application telling them a new chat or reply has posted, etc.  So would be more a notification panel concept instead of emails.  But this would mean they need to have the application open to see the alert pop.

Would this help with this use case?

Hi Eric,

Regarding email noise, I see the chat board as a way of taking communication that is typically sent through email already and bringing that into Aprimo. If someone is being tagged in a comment or a thread in Aprimo, they would already have been receiving that same message through email if the system wasn't being used. I don't really see how this request would increase email volume since the only users receiving the email would be the tagged users that the comments are intended for. 

I think the question around in system notifications vs. chat can vary depending on the user. For someone who is in a role that requires them to work solely through Aprimo the in-system notifications would be perfect. For other roles who are less frequent users, the in-system notification would most likely be missed. A potential solution would be an either/or option where the notification is sent in-system if the user is already logged in or it is sent through email if they aren't logged in. This is how some of our applications (such as Slack) work and it helps to cut down on email volume to people who are already active in the app.

I echo everything that Joe stated above. We have users who are not in the system 100% of their day and they are missing replies because other 'in frequent users' who are not savvy enough to understand that they have to tag a person in a Post so that that they are notified, don't remember to do that and then things/messages are missed. We also use Slack so I completely understand how operationally beneficial this is!

I agree this would be a great enhancement for our users, but I could also see the users not wanting to be emailed every time if they are in a review together. So I would like to see this added, but as a system parameter setting in the Chat Board settings. This would allow clients to choose if they would like to be tagged or notified each time. 

Parameter or the individual's profile settings (like annotation replies)

This is a huge headache for our team. We would like notifications as well as our members are managing too much throughout the day to log in and watch for the indicator lights to turn blue when a new reply/post is made.