Task Inbox - only display the task details middle panel when you click on the task card

Liz Guzman 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 12 months ago 3

We have a lot of users complaining that when you close a task in the inbox, Aprimo automatically puts the next task in the list in edit mode.   Our users are in auto drive and start editing this task without really noticing which task it actually is and sometimes even closing the task.   It would be nice if the middle task details wouldn't appear unless you click on the task card, behaving more like an inbox, so mistakes wont be made and tasks be closed off accidentally.  Just interested what other customers think or if this is considered an extra click.   Our users are new and still getting used to Aprimo, so also interested if this issue is just early adoption related?    Thanks.


When you configure steps (tasks) in the workflow designer, there is a setting on each task called "Auto Accept" and it is a "Yes/No" option.  If this is set to "Yes" then when users get tasks they are immediately "In Process" and the user can work on them.  If it is set to "No" then when the user gets the task is it in "Assigned" status and the user has to first click and "Accept" button on the top of the task which then changes the status to "In Process" and allows them to begin work on it.

NOTE:  This is not true for review tasks.  A review tasks is always in a status of "Assigned" rather than in process and there is no "Accept" or not option.  It is assumed that every reviewer is able to do the task.  If you only need one approval or all, etc you manage that with the voting rules of "One must approve, all must, majority, etc"

This does not happen for Franklin Templeton.  We have to click on the "Accept" button on any task in order to begin working on it.  There must be some sort of setting somewhere to designate this option???

Thanks Christine, I will take this into consideration:)