Task Inbox: Open in a separate tab from the Task List

Bruce Howard 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 1 year ago 3

When navigating from the Task List page to the new Task Inbox, it would be helpful if the Task Inbox opened in a separate tab.  This would facilitate the rapid processing of numerous tasks from the Task List. 

The right click open in new tab feature is great.  I use it all of the time.


Users have the option to open the Task Inbox in a new tab if they right click on the left hand navigation item.

This is true for ALL links in the left side navigation column, including the quick links.  You can also do this from the modern legacy grids if you right click on the radio button column in any row you can open the object in a new tab.  We are also adding this to the flyout menu options in the Workflow designer so you will have the option to right click on the step flyout menu items like "Page Layout, etc" and open a new tab for that Step.

Ideally we want to allow this on the brand new grid cards on My Aprimo as well but there are technical issues we are investigating around that.  However, I would suggest you train users if the want to work in two windows to just use the right click off the nav item or quick link item and open a new tab or window.  Some users want a whole new window because then they can move that window to a second monitor and be able to view both screens at once.

Hope this helps.

Adding to this, as a Contributor user, the Task Card is the only option to have a list of tasks with configurable columns of information. So our contributor users would like the ability to keep this page open on one screen, while opening their tasks into another tab/screen to action. Since this is not currently a option, it requires a lot of back and forth.