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Task Inbox: Collapse Reviewer Comments box

Bruce Howard 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Carolyn Mccarthy 7 months ago 8

Some of the AARP groups assign tasks to all team members, which creates a very long "Reviewer Comments" section.  It would be really helpful to enable this section to be collapsed (or moved to bottom) on these tasks.

Could it be configurable?  Either by task or a system parameter? 

We use the Comment box and would not want it hidden or removed.  Collapsed would be our preference.

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I have concerns about this.  It could really limit a user and cause frustration if not managed carefully.

Hiding this comment box would only work if EVERY item you review can be annotated.  What would you do if the review is just for metadata like EAs or if it is on a file type that cannot be viewed in the annotation viewer?  How would a reviewer add any comments?

I could consider the option to configure a default message in that box so you could tell users "Do not use".  In older versions, if the user had made annotations, we would put "Please see annotations" in that comment box by default I believe.  We could look at something like that as well.

But I have concerns about allowing it to be removed it completely.

Also, we are going to add the ability for each customer to set the order of the sections in Task Inbox.  This would be system wide like the configuration of the tiles on the left and the information panel on right.  So you could push this panel down to the bottom if you prefer.

Eric - Just to be clear, the original request is to have this box come in collapsed when it comes in for the first review. This is the way it's done already for all subsequent reviews, but the first time its defaulted as expanded with NO option to collapse the box. This causes a lot of real-estate issues for the users when there are several reviewers on the task. You can see this in my screenshots from my original comment below. 

I completely agree that hiding this box all together could and probably would cause issues. So I want to make sure that the original request is not lost in all the comments, because I believe that is actually fairly reasonable and already matches current functionality. 

We never use the comment box. But our end users add changes/annotations to the comment box instead of doing them through the annotation viewer. It makes it confusing for our other reviewers and the creative team who are making the changes.   If we as Admin's could collapse the comment box before it gets to the Task Inbox.   Ideally we wish we could remove it totally from our system, if not that if we could put a notation in the comment box such as "Do not add comments/annotations here. Use annotation viewer.

Yes to this!  We do the assign a review task to a group of users, which causes unnecessary scrolling to get to the info they need to review.

What is interesting about this functionality, is that its only not available on the First iteration of a review. If you iterate back to the review, then you do have an option to collapse the Review Comments box and it opens the task defaulted that way. So we just need this functionality added into the first iteration.