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Ability to format text and add screenshots to chat boards

Joe Cerep 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachael Cook 11 months ago 3

Our users have requested the ability to format text (bold, italicize, highlight, color etc.) and paste screenshots in chat boards.

In Review

Can you clarify what they need the formatting for?  My concern is they would start to put changes and feedback into the chat stream instead of into the annotation viewer.

Can you provide some examples of what they want to format and also what kind of images they want to include?

Hi Eric, 

Our agency likes to be able to provide summary comments about the creative.


1. Please check the creative for the following:

    • Please DO NOT capitalize the work apple. the a should be lowercase.
    • Remove all hyphens and widows.
    • Change all blue to the correct blue per the brand guidelines. 

    2. Following Due Dates MUST be met

    • Email #1: Jan 1, 2020
    • Email #2: Jan 3, 2020
    • Email #3: Jan 4, 2020

    Please Click Here to access the brand guidelines. 

    This would be very useful with our creative team.

    1. So that they can prioritize items, and
    2. organize thoughts