Share assets with mass amount of users with ease

bahjat.rizk 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 5 months ago 8

Share assets with mass amount of users with ease

Currently when you want to share an asset or collection, you can select predefined groups or you can assign individual user one by one.

Request is to “Give the user the power to create their own user groups just like how we create our own Distribution List in outlook within the area when sharing”

Its very time consuming for a user to select one user at a time, it will be cumbersome on Admins to create user groups and overtime the groups will grow intensely

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Hi Bahjat,

So just to make sure... with the Collections you are now able to generate a sharing link (without actually defining users and groups up front). You can share the link with users through channels like chat, jira, e-mail directly. When the user(s) click on the link they have the possibility to join the collection if they want. We do not foresee the ability for users to create their own user groups in the application. 

Hello Petra.what has been delivered does not address the voice request i have entered at all. for sharing a link, a user still need to select a predefined group or list of users.This is disappointing 


For sharing Collections to a mass amount of users, we've also had a request to be able to share a link and allow the users themselves to define whether or not they want to join the collection. This is what we have currently prioritized as a use case for sharing to mass audiences and this was released last week in DAM release 126.  (This functionality is only in DAM UI, not in Assets). I will put this request on done, as we have covered the use case. 

If this solution does not suit your needs, please create a new request explaining why. 

any update on this?

I have just had the same request from our power users - they ask for the possibility to create their own user groups. Some of them share their collections with 7 to 10 users who are pretty much always the same. Instead of typing each name separately, they would love to create their own groups.

Adding from my experience over the last five years... we haven't found it cumbersome on Admins to create user groups, because instead of reaching out to have us create groups that they can use, users avoid using collections to share all together.

We've ended up using Saved Views like Collections because of the improved user experience with sharing Saved Views on-prem that never made it to the Collections world.