Delete Attachment function in a task status action

Edmtz 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 2

Hi, we would like to request as enhacement a function or action that could delete attachments in a workflow step. Today we have new version attachments, used on iterative steps review, but sometimes in the step review there are new files to attached, so when a review user receive a 2nd review task, he always receive the new one and also has visible the rejected old files again. A Delete status action funtion could help in order to detect if the task review was rejected, to proceed to delete the file rejected in the iterative review steps. Thank you


When you say "delete" do you really mean remove the file from the task?  Or truly delete it from the system?  If you had an original file, it had issues and was rejected, I assume you want to keep the original file for history/audit purpose but only want to show the new second file to the reviewer in the 2nd review?  Would the reviewer not want to see the original file to compare and make sure they changes they wanted were done?

Also, most of our customers use versions within the same file to manage this rather than uploading a new file for the 2nd review.

Hi, our users have asked about this request as enhacement, we would like to know if this case is clear for the aprimo development team. Thank you