Advanced search: allow to add a dynamic date clculation like expiry date < today+60 days

maygret.sternberger 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 8 months ago 4

Within the search/advanced search:
To share saved views  (or setup spaces) we need the ability to compare a  date field with a dynamic value like
expiration date <  (today + 30days).
The current implementation allows only to compare with a concrete date like "2019/09/04".

We need this to provide a quick overview on assets that will expire soon.


Dynamic searches will be in DAM release 114. Dynamic searches for Me and Date DateTime values allow you to search or example setup spaces and dynamic collections showing for instance: everything i uploaded in the last week, content which will expire in the next 30 days, etc.

Documentation link will be available as of release : https://training3.dam.aprimo.com/Assets/WebHelp/ADAMHelp.htm#Admin%20Guide/Searching/SearchGuidelines/SearchingUsingSearchExpressions.htm%3FTocPath%3DAdministratr%2520Guide%7CSearch%2520guidelines%7C_____2#Dynamic