Aprimo Help when searching for a item doesn't bring up the specific item always takes me to Releases

Monika Pickard 11 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Joe Cerep 8 months ago 2

When using Aprimo Help it typically takes me to the Releases when I'm looking for something. For example I searched on Pagehooks it brings up all the releases.What I was looking for were the directions on how to do a Pagehool.

Documentation / Help

There are a lot of links in Aprimo Help that are leading to the incorrect location: as an example Resource Utilization System Administration leads to an article on Treatments (https://help.aprimo.com/#Marketing_Operations_Help/offer_mgmt/treatments_landing.html)

We came across this issue in the past and it was resolved through CS0023726.


Pagehook documentation is part of the documentation tailored to developers which can be found on developers.aprimo.com.