Aprimo Help when searching for a item doesn't bring up the specific item always takes me to Releases

Monika Pickard 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 4 weeks ago 3

When using Aprimo Help it typically takes me to the Releases when I'm looking for something. For example I searched on Pagehooks it brings up all the releases.What I was looking for were the directions on how to do a Pagehool.

Documentation / Help

There are a lot of links in Aprimo Help that are leading to the incorrect location: as an example Resource Utilization System Administration leads to an article on Treatments (https://help.aprimo.com/#Marketing_Operations_Help/offer_mgmt/treatments_landing.html)

We came across this issue in the past and it was resolved through CS0023726.


Pagehook documentation is part of the documentation tailored to developers which can be found on developers.aprimo.com.

While I agree that Pagehook may be developer information, when someone wants to find information about Pagehooks, it should still pull up in Aprimo Help and tell you what it is, then provide a link to the Developers.Aprimo.com.  I came across this same issue today and was frustrated that I couldn't find it without enlisting my CSP.

Do I need to open a new enhancement?