New Nav Cards: Need Search Ability for Searching/Finding Fields (EAs)

Christine Mellick 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 2 months ago 1

In New Nav when adding columns (EAs) to a card to display fields in the card, the searchability is not user friendly at all. You have to know which cascading section a field (EA)  is under and in most cases the EAs are not alphabetized.

Three asks here:

  1. Need a type ahead feature to search for EAs
  2. Need to alpha order EAs
  3. Need a way to remove inactive EAs from appearing in the available selections

Additionally:  The cascading sections wording, although is understandable to an Admin person, is not intuitive at all to a user.  
•   The user should not have to click the "+" to cascade each section to see if the EA they want is included in there to select from.  A single list of options should appear based on the wording typed in the search bar.