New Navigation Card - My Activities

Brandon Lineberger 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Rachel Phillips 8 months ago 12

The new My Activities card is defaulted to only show the user their recent activities. Can we not go back to the same functionality options we had on the home page before? Where we could have the option to filter for the activities we wanted on the home page OR have it as recent activities. This is functionality our users have become used to and would like to have back on their home page. 

That's great news. Thanks Eric.

This will be available in a patch that will be applied after r104 so should be later this week.  The goal is to have it available before the new navigation cut over on Oct 30th.

Hi Eric. Do you have a date when this will be deployed?


We are in the process of updating the My Activities card so that it will bring back all the activities where the current user is either the Activity Owner or Activity Admin and the activity is not "closed".  Users can then further filter or refine this list using the column header quick filters which will persist.

We will also create a new card call "Recent Activities" that a user can add to their home page that will show their recently viewed activities in case some users still want that list as well.

That's great news that users will be able to configure the views. Our users were very unhappy with being unable to show all their open activities. 

Thanks Eric!  This is excellent news!  Would be even better if this was deployed before New Nav becomes mandatory at the end of this month.

Our users are experiencing some inconvenience with this new home page. In fact, this temporarily affected our users level of productivity to the point that we had to temporarily switch them back to adjust to the new delay. Since they do not have quick access to their tasks and activities it takes them longer to perform and complete their tasks.

I think AARP would find this helpful too.  I would suggest that it might be best as a new Card call "Activities".

Agreed. Our users have also expressed interest in having the "My Activities" card represent and display all their activities (filterable) rather than a card labeled "My Activities" that only display the last four activities viewed. Similar to the functionality for users who do not have the early adopter domain right. 

Absolutely agree with this. I don't want to have to open the Activities list to see all of them.