New Navigation Card - My Reviews

Brandon Lineberger 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Eric Teitsma 11 months ago 4

The new My Reviews card does not allow you to enter any extended attribute information. I am not sure why this is available for My Tasks but not for My Review Tasks. This would be extremely helpful to our users. 


Good news.  We are planning to expand the available columns for the My Review Tasks card to have similar columns available as the My Task card.  This work is planned for later this year to early next year.

This was never available even in Legacy and should have been.  Agreed we need this in New Nav.

This is a big issue for our users, especially since the Task Inbox task tiles aren't more configurable. It makes it really tough for our reviewers to effectively prioritize work.

Agreed! We've been getting the same feedback from our users.